Benjamin Dahl

Hello, I'm Ben, Im grew up in Thief River Falls Minnesota. My parents are Steve and Joyann. I grew up with my three siblings, Emalynn, Marquelle, and Cristian. After high school graduation I studied at the Association Free Lutheran Bible School in Minneapolis, where I first met Debora! I spent two years in Minneapolis making lots of friends and memories. After that I spent 3 months in Alaska working for a Christian Radio station in the Bristol Bay. I then moved to California in 2011 with my best friend Stephen Quanbeck to work at a church as a ministry intern. During this time I flew back and forth to Brazil to be with Debora. I couldn't stand being away from her! I spent one more summer in 2012 working in Alaska for the radio station, and the local telephone company. I then returned to California where I began studying Computer Science at Moorpark College. I've also been working for Oaks Christian Schools as a Systems Engineer. I also have a side business building websites including this one. I couldn't be more excited to finally be united with my best friend and the love of my life! 

Debora Cardoso

Hi, Im Debora and I’m from Brazil. I grew up in Campo Mourão, in the countryside of Brazil. I’ve been blessed with an incredible family, my parents Reginaldo and Eliane and two older siblings, Ben-Hur and Rebeca. We have been a part of the Free Lutheran church since I was born, and that’s how I made all of my american connections. My family moved to the coast and bought a schooner in São Francisco do Sul when I was 15 years old. It was quite an adventure! During that time I was presented with the opportunity of going to the Bible School in Minneapolis. Later I made more American connections through the Bethany Fellowship organization. My dreams of going to the Bible School became more real each day. However, things didn’t work out how I planned. Instead I had the opportunity of living in Georgia with my uncle Ed Dalbello and his family. I also had the opportunity to visit the Association Free Lutheran Bible School. After that visit I realized how much I really wanted to go to Bible School. Thankfully God blessed me by putting people into my life helping me to achieve my dream. So in the fall of 2009, I was an AFLBS student! It was then that I met Ben! I spent two great years at Bible School and I made some amazing friendships. After graduation and a great summer in Minneapolis I returned to Brazil where I spent the last two years working and long distance dating the love of my life! It was great to be with my family before moving to the USA again for good. And now I can’t wait to become Mrs. Dahl!

Our Story

Debora and Ben first met at the Association Free Lutheran Bible School in 2009. They were both first year students and in the same class. It was not love at first sight amazingly! In fact, the whole first year together they really did not have anything to do with each other. They had different friends and social circles and did not come into contact very often. However everything changed the second year. It all began in the fall when Debora asked Ben to fix her computer. He did and she promised to buy him a Caribou coffee. However months went by before she ever bought him coffee! During those months though our friendship began to grow. Finally, only a few weeks before school was out, Ben asked her for the date she owed him. They went to Caribou and had a wonderful time! In fact, that same week Ben asked Debora to a second date, this time at his favorite coffee shop the Urban Bean. Again they had a wonderful time. 

However their relationship was still only a friendship! Neither of them imagined anything more or even wanted anything more. Sadly graduation came and went and Ben left for Alaska, and Debora went home to Brazil. They saw each other one last time that summer in Colorado, and the goodbye was difficult. Then only a month later Ben returned to the US and asked Debora to skype. They did, and they talked for hours! Ben moved to California and continued to make time for Debora. Finally in November of 2011, Ben admitted his feelings for Debora, and she reciprocated! Ben made four trips to Brazil during their early relationship. Then in August of 2012 Ben proposed! She immediately said yes! They began researching and planning for immigration and a life in the US. And after months of waiting and agonizing, only one year later in August of 2013, Debora received her Visa! Ben made his seventh trip to Brazil in September when he escorted his Bride-to-be to the US where they await their Wedding on November 24th, 2013!

United States of America

For now we are planning to start our lives together in Camarillo, California. Ben is planning on finishing his degree in Computer Science at Channel Islands, and Debora would like to pursue a Communications degree as well.


Debora is from Southern Brazil, a city called São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina. Her family is still living there. We hope to visit them at least once or twice a year! It is a great distance but we love her family dearly. Hopefully one day we can send the grandchildren to stay with Vó and Vo for the summer!

 Maybe one day we will end up living there? Who knows!

Northwestern Chapel, Saint Paul, MN

Our wedding will be help on November 24th, at the Nazareth Chapel at the University of Northwestern at 3:00pm.

Nazareth Chapel
3003 Snelling Ave N
Saint Paul, MN 55113

Click on the map to the right to open a larger map.


The reception will follow the ceremony in the Blue Room at Northwestern. Please RSVP below!

We will also be holding receptions at Our Saviours Church in Thief River Falls, MN and at Good Shepherd Church in Camarillo, CA for those who cannot make it to our wedding. Everyone is welcome at either of these receptions!

We love wedding gifts 🙂

We welcome any gift large or small, but please remember that your gift in Minnesota will need to be somehow packed or shipped to our home in California! You may prefer to browse our registry and select your gift to be mailed to our home in California rather than our wedding or reception. We also welcome gift cards and money gifts. 

Feel free to send us anything in the mail as well!
Benjamin and Debora Dahl
555 Rosewood Ave Apt #102
Camarillo, CA 93010

Our Registry

Click below to view our wedding registry! Any gifts you purchase with will be shipped to our home in California. This saves us the cost of shipping from Minnesota, or packing in our airline luggage. 🙂 We appreciate your gifts greatly!

Amazon Wishlist

Give a money gift

If you wish to give a money gift you may do so online as well. We greatly appreciate your gift!

Sponsor Debora’s Green Card

Every young newlywed couple faces challenges of starting a new life together. Housing, cars, jobs, etc. However one of the unique challenges we have faced has been immigration. It took 9 months and thousands of dollars to get Debora here in the US, however that is only half the challenge. Now we need to file and apply for a Green Card for Debora to live here as a permanent resident. The cost of applying for permanent residency is currently $1,070.00. We would greatly appreciate it if our friends and family would support us in helping us with this great cost! 

RSVP to our Wedding

Notice: With all the craziness that comes with a wedding, we would love to spend as much time as possible with our closest and dearest — thank you for not bringing a guest. 
Deadline to RSVP is November 15th.

The RSVP deadline has been met. For last minute RSVP's or changes please contact JoyAnn Dahl, mother of the groom. 

RSVP to our Reception

In addition to our Wedding we will be holding open invite Receptions in Thief River Falls, MN and Camarillo, CA. Stay tuned for dates to these celebrations!

We would love to read your comments

Feel free to write on our comment wall below! We would love to hear from our friends and family.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our journey! A very special thanks to our parents Reginaldo & Eliane, and Steve & Joyann. Thank you so much for your love and support! You have supported us from the very beginning, and have encouraged and prayed for us through the hard times of waiting for immigration and travel. We appreciate you more than anything!

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    All comments

    Author: Ed & Cecilia Dalbello

    That was an amazing wedding! We are very happy for you two.
    Temos certeza que vocês serão felizes. Que Deus abençõe este novo começo de vida.
    Love you!

    Author: Hannah Langness

    Congratulations! You’re wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and such a testament to God’s faithfulness and your desire to wait on the Lord and follow Him in your relationship together! Your love for each other is such an example of Christ- like LOVE! 🙂 God bless you both and your new life together!

    Author: Sonia Fraga

    Deus abencoe ricamente a uniao de vcs Debora & Ben. Gostaria de estar ai mas, gracas a tecnologia nao vou perder este momento tao especial que Deus preparou p/ vcs. Beijos

    Author: Analucia, Eduard, Daniel e Vitor

    Chegou o grande dia e que alegria poder compartilhar deste momento, mesmo de longe!!!
    Que os sonhos de vocês se tornem realidade e que vivam em amor, alegria e paz, tendo Deus como centro de sua vidas.
    Muitas, muitas felicidades!! Bjoooooosssss

    Author: Ben-Hur e Sara

    Nossa! Agora ta faltando pouco para minha irmãzinha estar casada!
    Acho que minha ficha só caiu ontem! rsss!!
    Amo muito você irmã e estou muito feliz em ver você realizando esse sonho tão importante!
    Tenho certeza que você e o Ben serão muito felizes e muito abençoados por DEUS!
    Ben, gosto muito de você e já te considero my brother! Estou feliz e tranquilo em ver minha irmã se casando com um cara tão bacana e principalmente temente a DEUS!
    Vocês formam um casal lindo e especial! Merecem muitas alegrias juntos!
    Agora minha família aumentou de novo! rss!

    Sempre que precisarem podem contar comigo e com a Sara!
    Amamos muito vocês!

    Deus abençoe cada momento desse dia tão especial e cada segundo de suas vidas para sempre!

    Grande beijo e parabéns!!!!

    Author: David and Sarah Nelson

    Dear Ben and Debora,
    We have so enjoyed seeing from afar how God brought you together. We pray that your marriage will be one that brightly reflects the love and joy found in Christ alone.
    Much love,
    David and Sarah Nelson

    Author: Rebeca e William

    Oi, estamos passando para lhe dizer que te amamos muito…. e estamos muito felizes por vocês….que essa união seja para honra e gloria do senhor, que vcs sejam um cordão de três dobras. desejamos toda felicidade do mundo pra vcs…. saudades imensas….beijos nois.

    Author: Vanilda Bueno

    Débora e Benjamim
    Neste dia em que tudo é uma festa regada de emoção e alegria,
    não posso ficar ausente e quero com muito carinho dizer a vocês
    de como me sinto feliz por vê-los envolvidos com tanto empenho
    na realização de um sonho, o casamento. Que ele seja o início de uma história linda.
    Hoje, minha querida, o teu grande dia. Eu nem posso acreditar, aquela linda garotinha, filha do coração, cumpre mais uma etapa da vida, casando. Amada pela tua família e amigos espero que a tua felicidade seja completa junto ao amor do teu marido Benjamim.
    Estou muito feliz por te ver a realizar o teu sonho: casar e constituir a tua própria família.
    Você é uma benção por onde passa e hoje ao te ver no altar,casar feliz e sorridente, prometo que não vou chorar. Alegria e satisfação não são motivos para lágrimas, só alegria. As orações hoje são para que seja a mais feliz, amada e abençoada pelo nosso Papai do céu.
    Todos os meus beijos nesta data são para você. Te amo muito …Bjus no seu coração !

    Author: Carla and Ethan Bjornlie

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! May the Lord bless you abundantly, meeting all of your human needs, but also give you a joy and peace that only God can give!


    Author: Jim Aakhus

    Thanks so much for all the info in the website. I’m a relative of Birgit Goodman on the Aakhus side. God bless.

    Author: Chanyce dahl

    We are so happy for you both! Enjoy this journey, the next two weeks will go fast! Don’t worry about the small things, take time to enjoy the moments that count!
    Love, Chanyce

    Author: Sharon Peterson

    Ben & Debora, We so wish we could attend your exciting day. We are very happy for you both and so glad things worked out that you two will be together soon. Due to Roger’s health, it is hard for us to travel at present. I did love being a part of the shower held at our local church. You are a very lucky guy, Ben, but then I surely don’t have to tell you that! 🙂 You will make a very handsome groom and Debora a very beautiful bride. Your web site is wonderful so hope you continue updates. May God bless your marriage and wedding day.

    Author: Sean Buchfink

    BEN!! I’m planning to be there but if it snows here, I won’t be able to make it, because this winter I’m doing snow removal. So I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t snow then so I can see you guys and be there for your wedding!

    Author: Randy and Vickie Oja

    We are sorry we will not be able to attend your wedding but wish you a wonderful future together. Many blessings to both of you.
    The Oja’s

    Author: Hope Unverzagt

    What a cool site! Of course, I would expect no less out of you, Ben.;) I ran into a little problem when I was RSVPing. I decided I should check “child” for the five youngest, but I ran out of space so I figured I should just start a new RSVP. However, there was no “child” option on the top one. I see now I should’ve just refreshed. Oops! Nevertheless, I need to add the last four children: Berit, Anders, Finn, and Bronwyn. Can’t wait for the big event!!

    Author: Steven Peterson

    This is a really great website, I am so happy for the both of you. Cassie and I are so excited to go to your wedding. God bless you.

    Author: David Eby

    Looking forward to this special day. May God’s blessing and covering be with you.

    Author: Judy Franz

    CommentThank you for the kind invitation to your wedding! We are so happy for you! We are not able to attend, however when we checked that box on your RSVP site, it wouldn’t submit unless we designated which meat we wanted at the wedding which we didn’t want to do because that would give you an inaccurate count. So please count this as our RSVP. Thanks. And you may want to check that out in case it is happening to others and you will get a poor count for attendance. May God bless you both! Peter and Judy Franz

    Author: Erin Harris

    Great job with the website! looks wonderful! So excited and happy for you two crazy kids! Thanks for allowing Deb to be stolen away from you for a few nights 🙂 much appreciated! Praying for you two. Blessings!